The winter may be almost over, but there’s still a few more weeks of cold temps and low humidity to suffer through.

Don’t let dry, cracked skin harsh on your natural glow. Fight back with these essential tips and you’ll make it to Spring feeling and looking your best.

Shower Routine = Warm Water And Immediate Moisturizer

Almost nothing feels as good as a hot shower and bath when it’s cold outside, but cranking up the water temp also strips more of your body’s oils. Keep the water to reasonably warm temperature to protect your skin. When you are finished, be sure to moisturize before you dry off. Moisturizer is more effective on damp skin, as it helps to lock in the moisture. Be sure to keep a bottle near your bath and your sink so you remember to use it after washing up.

Stay Hydrated Inside And Out

Drink your juice and eat your fruits. Drinking lots of fluids is important, so be sure to drink water. Fruit juice that’s high in vitamin C will also help your body produce collagen and elastin for healthy skin. Snack on foods that are high in water content like oranges, kiwi, carrots, and cucumbers. Think about buying a humidifier in your room at night, it helps put moisture in the air to counter how your heating system dries things out.

Excel At Exfoliation

Dead skin cells can pile up over the winter, especially when you’re not as physically active and cover up with more clothing. Exfoliating those dead cells away does more than make you feel soft, it allows moisture to better penetrate that top layer of skin. When you use an exfoliating cleanser, apply in circular motions while in the shower or bath. Be sure to hit rough areas like hands, feet, elbows and knees with extra attention.

Seal And Protect That Glow

There’s more to be careful about than just sleet and snow out there. Harsh winds can cause your eyes to tear up. Protecting your face with scarves, hats, and high collars helps, but they can smear your makeup. Rather than forcing yourself to go au naturale, give your makeup protection with a product like Spray.Set.Go. setting spray. It locks in your look and adds a little extra moisture to keep you feeling fresh.

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