You’re tired of the norm and are looking for something fresh, something new. Something that’s going to rock the hell out of 2019.

Well, we’ve been eyeing everything from DIY Youtubers to the catwalks of New York fashion week to spot what’s hot and is going to keep you on fleek.

Here’s five ways you can achieve the bougie look that influencers and models die for:

Blessed Buns

Giving yourself an updo gives you the best of form AND function. Take the time to add a few loops or twists to a high and tight upknot for something that’s sophisticated and fierce. Or go with a lower and looser chignon for a “messier” bun that shows pure confidence. Bangs are looking super in for this year, so compliment that tied back look by leaving the corners of your bangs loose to frame your face with hanging strands.

Turn Up The Volume

In 2019 it’s go big or go home. Shaggy cuts are super-hot so try razor chopping and teasing your hair for wild volume that will scream fierce. Krimped waves are in as well, so you could braid your hair, treat it, and then let it loose for a bold look that’s not too cray. TBH whatever you can do to add texture to your hair is going to be lit, so volume up those curls with products like our Curl Perfecting Hair Masque.

Photo c/o: Behind the Chair

Asymmetry Rules

If you’re really looking to turn heads and aren’t afraid of doing something a little bolder, go for an asymmetrical cut. Start low key with a messy bob for a look that shows you’re too chic to care about looking a little carefree. If you REALLY want to be extra, go Hundo P and get an undercut - when it works it can absolutely slay. No matter your #hairgoals, you can always keep it naturally based and under control with Project Beauty’s Smoothing Masquefor styling.

Accessorize Your Heart Out

Even changing up your style can feel a bit too basic, so keep some accessories on hand to give it a little bit of Gucci. Designers are pulling from the late ‘90s and early ‘00s - which means we’re seeing the return of snap clips and banana clips to help with styling and to add color and bling. If you really want to shine bright, then weave in beads and jewels to braids, ponytails and bantu knots for that added bling factor.

Photo c/o: Justine Marjan

Creative Colors

Bright color palettes are looking to be big this year, metallics and ombres are especially shaping up to be the hottest colors. If you’re interested in all-over color, then try a rose gold or silver color to offer sparkle and shine that’s straight fire. Prefer more of a splash of color? Then consider putting the work into getting an ombre shading of vibrant colors - like red, blue or purple - that’ll give you look that’s absolutely lit AF.

2019 is about classic hairstyles with a twist. If you can pull off a simple look but add a little extra - more volume, a bit of messiness, an accessory or splash of color - then you’ll take those standard styles beyond basic and make them a true expression of your aesthetic.

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